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About Us

At InnovaLED we care about the planet and take energy conservation seriously. Our vision is to live in a world with perfectly sustainable infrastructure. We specialize in sustainable energy management systems with a focus on advanced lighting technologies that enable the user to minimize inefficiencies and maximize productivity.

  • Significant energy savings

    LED lighting is dramatically more cost-effective to operate, is more durable and has an outstanding lifetime which minimizes maintenance.

  • Superior quality lighting

    Optimize workplace productivity with bright & crisp LED lighting. Remove fluorescent tubes known for causing headaches, fatigue and eyestrain.

  • Enviromentally Viable

    LED lights are 100% recyclable and reduce carbon footprint; they contain no toxic mercury and no glass materials making them resistant to breakage.

InnovaLED carefully selects certified quality LED products from our suppliers to provide long-term savings.

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InnovaLED knows each project requires the right solution and an experienced team capable of delivering results. We will manage your LED retrofit project , every step of the way.



  • At your convenience, our team will visit your facility and perform an on-site survey of the existing lighting system; the information gathered will be compiled in a detailed report showing the current energy use, proposed lighting plan, cost of the project, simple payback and return on investment.
  • Current Energy Usage
  • Optimized Lighting Plan
  • Return On Investment
  • LED


  • The installation schedule is arranged to minimize disruption of work space operation. Our experienced electricians ensures to deliver a key-in-hand installation. InnovaLED is environmentally conscious and disposes responsibly of materials in accordance with all regulations.
  • Scheduling & Coordination
  • LED Installation
  • Eco friendly disposal


  • Maintenance is necessary to keep your lighting system working at peak performance. We offer to replace inefficient fluorescent & ballasts as they burn out to long lasting quality LED products. All our installations come with a 5-year warranty covering all parts and service.
  • Customer Service
  • 5-year Warranty
  • Ongoing Support


InnovaLED provides key-in-hand commercial LED lighting retrofit solutions with a focus on offices towers, parkades, warehouses, municipal buildings and retail stores.