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Since 2016, InnovaLED has built up a strong track record of lighting projects in the commercial, residential and industrial sectors. Locally based in Edmonton Alberta, we specialize in Energy Efficiency and Architectural Landscape Lighting Design.

InnovaLED carefully selects certified quality LED products from our suppliers to provide long-term savings.

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InnovaLED knows each project requires the right solution and an experienced team capable of delivering results. We will manage your LED retrofit project , every step of the way.



  • Lighting Lay Out and Design
  • Energy Analysis Reports
  • Complete Property Retrofits
  • Maintenance


  • Real Before and After Image Rendering
  • LED Strip Lighting
  • Foliage Lighting
  • Lighting Effect Controllers


  • We’ll help you make the best decision for your next project.

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InnovaLED provides key-in-hand commercial LED lighting retrofit solutions with a focus on offices towers, parkades, warehouses, municipal buildings and retail stores.


Materials removed from completed jobs such as ballasts, CFL lamps, and fluorescents, are disposed of properly. These items contain mercury that is known to leach into soil and eventually find its way into the water system of a community. We know that most CFL and fluorescent lamps are just tossed into the garbage one at a time as they burn out. This practice needs to stop. InnoavLED takes all these toxic materials to a local recycling facility to be handled with care.