Infasco – Marieville, Quebec

July 4

In October 2017, lnnovaLED joined forces with JPS Electric and their engineering partners to tackle a massive LED retrofit project in Marieville, Quebec. It took place at Infasco, one of Canada’s largest suppliers of nuts and bolts.   Because the facility is normally running 24/7 throughout the year, the operators were looking for ways to […]

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Summerside Centre – Edmonton, Alberta

July 2

Think about how it feels to receive a brand new gift. That feeling of owning something new and shiny that will turn peoples heads. This same feeling and excitement can be experienced through lighting. New LED lights shine bright and have that wonderful glitter to them. In the shade of night, the LED lights enliven […]

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B&H Tower – Edmonton, Alberta

June 14

InnovaLED is improving the quality of living of Edmonton buildings one light at a time. Bill Leuang takes us on a tour of what a typical project looks like and goes over a few technical aspects when it comes to upgrading to LED lighting. Not only does LED lighting look amazing, but they also raise […]

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Circadian Rhythm Lighting: An introduction

April 20

As lighting technology steadily improves, human health is starting to become more of a topic in regards to how light affects our Circadian Rhythms.¬†Many people work in the corporate world where they work most of their days inside with artificial light. If you take a step back and think for just one second about these […]

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Our Business LED Rebate Application Process

March 26

Many business owners and executives don’t have time to research and apply for LED rebates. This article will take you through our step by step process and explain how it’s done and what to expect. LIGHTING AUDIT A thorough assessment of your facility is performed by one of our energy auditors. We schedule a time […]

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Why You Should Hire An Energy Efficient Lighting Expert

March 13

Are you in charge of maintaining your facilities lighting? Have you been studying all of the benefits that LEDs can bring to your business or company? Don’t make the common mistake of thinking that any old electrical contractor or lighting distributor is the answer. Trust me, I have been called to re-quote an entire commercial […]

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How to choose the right LED for your next project.

March 8

When it comes to lighting, the auditing process is the most important and should not be taken lightly (pun intended). Many factors must be considered such as client requirements and needs, lumen output, location, and colour temperature. Client Requirement and Needs:¬†Every project is different and so are the people and buildings that are dealt with. […]

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March 6

The importance of LED lights for commercial properties cannot be overemphasized. Presently, many businesses and commercial property owners are switching to the use of LED lights due to its numerous benefits. LED lighting provides so many economic, health, financial and environmental benefits to your building; they are an efficient and long-lasting form of solid-state lighting. […]

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