Summerside Centre – Edmonton, Alberta

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Think about how it feels to receive a brand new gift. That feeling of owning something new and shiny that will turn peoples heads. This same feeling and excitement can be experienced through lighting. New LED lights shine bright and have that wonderful glitter to them. In the shade of night, the LED lights enliven the property and lay out a welcoming path for patrons to enter. No matter how harsh it may be, everybody has an inclination to make first impression judgments. Don’t allow your business appearance to be caught in the dark. When people see a property that has dull and burnt out lights, an automatic subliminal signal is sent to their brain saying “poorly maintained” which can lead them to question what else is poorly maintained internally.

Let me tell you about an experience that I have personally had in regards to poor lighting. One day, after searching online for a spot for a quick bite to eat, I proceeded to drive there. As I got close to the approximate location of the business, I slowed down to look for it more carefully. Even though on my phone it brought me to the correct destination, my eyes didn’t actually see the front doors or sign of the place. When I made a U-turn and took a second look, I finally saw the sign… It was so poorly lit that I didn’t see it from the road. This is a very basic example but the concept can be scaled up to larger companies that want to uphold their brand image.

The images you see in this post are from a recent project we did in Edmonton Alberta. We upgraded all of the buildings exterior lights to LEDs with photo sensors.

Product Specs:

Pole Lights: 200W LED

Wall Packs: 80W

Wall Sconce: 18W LED Corn Light



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