Infasco – Marieville, Quebec

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In October 2017, lnnovaLED joined forces with JPS Electric and their engineering partners to tackle a massive LED retrofit project in Marieville, Quebec. It took place at Infasco, one of Canada’s largest suppliers of nuts and bolts.


Because the facility is normally running 24/7 throughout the year, the operators were looking for ways to cut operating costs. As you guessed it, the lighting was the first and best choice when it comes to immediately cutting expenses. In the images attached, you can see the before and after results. We maneuvered our way around the expensive machinery in 30ft Sky Jacks, for 9-10 hours per day until all of the 450W Metal Halide high bays were converted to 200W UFO LEDs. That is a 56% reduction in energy. Multiply that by approximately 1000 high bays, the energy savings become enormous. Quebec has a lot of factories in the rural areas, which all share the same type of high wattage, very inefficient high bays. It is without a doubt, that large industrial factories such as Infasco are notorious energy consumers. At no fault of there own really, all it takes is to move towards maximizing energy efficiency and minimizing inefficiencies.


Bill Leuang

Owner – InnovaLED Corp.

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